1 Password and Gen G linked up to create an online puzzle contest to promote awareness about cyber security. Prizes included 2 PS5s and a bunch of other swag. Each week as puzzles were released, an influencer gamer on Twitch would live stream a clue and try and solve the previous weeks puzzles.
I could not have been more on board for this job. Despite already being fully booked and dealing with some personal issues, I knew I HAD to take this project on. It was completely worth it. I love puzzles, video games, and old houses. It was a match made in heaven!
Much love to the teams who made this happen at both Dark Charm and Gen G. It was a joy to work with everyone. And as a bonus, I got to work closely with a puzzle designer (yes, that's a real job!) to help plan the locations of each puzzle. I loved how open to collaboration everyone was throughout this process. It was a learning experience for all of us.

Puzzle 1 : The Gate
Puzzle 2 : Grand Foyer
Puzzle 3 : The Arcade Library
Puzzle 4 : The Wine Cellar
Puzzle 5 : The Conservatory
Puzzle 6 : The Office
Puzzle 7 : The Prize!
Puzzle 7 Details
One of my favorite parts of this job was coming up with knockoff video game titles. Donkey Song and Plaque man are definitely my favorites. I'm dying to play both!
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