Direction, Design, Animation
Vanessa Appleby
Production Company
Cause + Efffect
Creative Direction
Jamie Hubbard
Jason Zemlicka
Cel Animation
Tom Smolenski (Smo)
Ray Lux
Concept Art:
I  had the latitude to explore different looks for this spot which was a real treat. I settled on 2 different looks to share with client. Ultimately they opted for the more traditional look, but I'm hoping to make use of the more geometric/pop art look in a future project. There was some back and forth regarding which style to use, so I ended up creating most of the frames in both looks.
Look Comparison (winning style is on the left)
Because of a rushed schedule, the boards were created before we had a style selected by client. As a result, I kept the boards black and white and very loose, instead focusing on the transitions and compositions of each shot.
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